Elaphe Gets Investment for In-Wheel Propulsion Tech

Source: Elaphe Propulsion Technologies announcement

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is pushing the envelope of how it views automotive design.

The auto industry has seen multiple groundbreaking developments over recent decades, and Elaphe’s in-wheel powertrain system aims to enable an even more monumental switch with the world’s first commercially scalable in-wheel motor system.

Elaphe’s approach is a fully modular platform, combining the in-wheel powertrain with state-of-the-art software capable of optimizing each in-wheel motor in real-time. It can be easily integrated into a wide range of vehicles – including self-driving ones, cutting down on manufacturing costs and removing the constraints of centralized powertrains while increasing vehicle functionality and safety features.

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“The partnership with EIT InnoEnergy strengthens Elaphe’s position both in the EU and globally,” said Gorazd Lampic, CEO of Elaphe. “The provided investment and support will significantly accelerate commercial activities with vehicle manufacturers. This will help us further optimize our best-in-class technology platform in accordance with customer requirements for production vehicles.”

“Being part of InnoEnergy’s ecosystem gives us a competitive edge from a technological as well as a business perspective and opens up exciting growth opportunities.”

With more than 20 different in-wheel motors developed and tested in more than 50 electric and hybrid vehicles, Elaphe is the most experienced in-wheel motor propulsion solution provider on the market. Its technology offers automakers the flexibility to integrate motors with their preferred standard parts (brakes, rims, bearings, suspensions, etc.).

The patented electromagnetic core design enables specific torque up to 100 Nm/kg, 200 kW of power per wheel, and superior packaging benefits.

“We believe Elaphe is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the future of the automotive and transport sectors – a future that is electric and sustainable said EIT InnoEnergy’s Jennifer Dungs, Thematic Field Leader Energy for Transport and Mobility. “Not only is the timing right, and their in-wheel powertrain technology the most advanced in the market – the approach they have taken, developing a highly adaptable platform, will allow them to deliver instantaneous benefit to automakers and thus have a far-reaching impact on the mobility sector for decades to come.”

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