EBC Displays Latest Products at SEMA, Including Floating Rotor

There are 10 teams that each fielded two cars in every Formula 1 race in 2018. Of those 10, seven are based in the United Kingdom. There’s a depth of engineering knowledge and experience in the UK unlike anywhere else. This is particularly true in what’s been named the Motorsports Valley, where the seven F1 teams are located. Also located in Motorsports Valley is high-performance braking component manufacturer EBC Brakes, which came to the SEMA Show to display several of its new products.

Two-Piece Full Floating Rotor

One of the most interesting items on display was EBC’s new two-piece full-floating brake rotors for motorsports and street applications. The driving force to develop its own rotors was the company’s belief that the best brake pad in the world used on a low-quality rotor with poor metallurgy will result in only average performance. This is due to the pad’s inability to deposit the ‘transfer layer’ onto the brake disc that is critical to optimizing high brake system performance.

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