DuraBrake Introduces Lightweight Steel Shell Brake Drum

DuraBrake this week introduced a new lightweight steel shell brake drum to its current brake drum and Air Disc Brake Rotor offering. This brake drum is made using a formed steel outer shell for greater strength and then liquid cast iron is poured as the shell is spun centrifugally in order to ensure even distribution of the braking material.

The result is a lighter, stronger and safer brake drum. The steel shell is stronger than normal cast iron, so it prevents drum from shattering or falling apart in extreme circumstances. The steel shell allows weight to be 15-20% lighter than a normal cast drum leading to better fuel mileage and increased payloads. Additionally, the new plant process has successfully achieved significant cost savings of 20 to 30% from the current offering of steel shell drums, to help expand the market.

“We introduced this product in order to offer our customers a premium, safer product at competitive pricing. With increased volumes of lightweight drums needed, one day we should be able to offer this drum at the same pricing as a normal cast iron brake drum,” says Shaun Shroff, vice president for DuraBrake.

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