DENSO Emphasizes Tech that Improves Safety

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — DENSO the world’s second largest mobility supplier, is developing new technologies and strengthening initiatives that improve pedestrian and overall community safety. In 2018, the number of pedestrian fatalities increased by 3.4 percent, reaching its highest level in nearly three decades.

This statistic reinforces how vital it is for autonomous and connected vehicle technologies to provide safety for not only drivers and passengers, but also pedestrians and other road users, like cyclists. Today, the company is reinforcing its commitment to increased safety efforts that encompass new mobility ecosystem developments.

“Since our founding 70 years ago, safety has always been top of mind at DENSO,” said Roger Berg, vice president of North America Research and Development at DENSO. “It is not enough to provide high-quality mobility products and services – the safety of drivers, passengers, and corresponding community members is also paramount to the success of effective transportation. Whether you’re driving or walking down the street, the automotive industry has a responsibility to make travel safe and reliable for all. As a mobility leader, we take that responsibility seriously.”

DENSO’s efforts to increase road and pedestrian safety include:

  • Investment in DENSO’s first Smart Mobility Ecosystem. Earlier this year, DENSO invested $1.42 million and partnered with a coalition of municipal, state, business and academic partners to launch its first Smart Mobility Ecosystem in Dublin, Ohio with the goal of enhancing transportation in the area. Here, DENSO is using blockchain technology to gather previously untapped roadway data, which is vital to increasing road and pedestrian safety.
  • Development of vision sensors. DENSO developed a new standard vision sensor that can detect pedestrians, cyclists, objects and other road users for improved night driving safety. The sensor allows vehicles to automatically brake when objects are identified, reducing the risk of accidents. In 2018, DENSO released this technology in global markets.  
  • Commitment to promoting cyclist and pedestrian safety. Just last month, the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) named DENSO a Business Champion of the Year for promoting cyclist safety throughout Michigan. DENSO earned this award through its sponsorship and distribution of 10,000 bike safety booklets and a partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide that provides young adults with comprehensive road safety toolkits, among other activities.
  • Creation of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). From brake control systems to environment recognition technologies, DENSO has a long history of creating an array of ADAS technology that increases road safety. In fact, DENSO created the world’s first two-dimensional light detection and ranging (LIDAR), a device used in collision avoidance systems and which enables automated driving. DENSO has also released a  retrofittable driver status monitor, a product that detects drowsy or distracted driving in commercial vehicles and voices alerts to prevent distracted driving, a leading cause of accidents and pedestrian fatalities.

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