Continental’s Tire Brake Testing Milestone

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Continental has successfully conducted over one million test drives at its state-of-the-art Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer (AIBA), highlighting its commitment to road safety and environmental sustainability. The AIBA facility, renowned for its fully automated, weather-independent testing capabilities, enables highly precise and reproducible assessments of car and van tire performances across various road conditions.

Meletis Xigakis, Head of Global Tire Testing at Continental, emphasized the facility’s unparalleled ability to ensure consistent test results, stating, “We can achieve a particularly high level of comparability of the test results in a fully air-conditioned, weather-independent and fully automated environment.” The AIBA’s unique testing process involves unmanned, rail-guided vehicles that accelerate to speeds up to 120 km/h, utilizing electromagnetic linear drives for efficient, fuel-free operation.

This innovative approach not only advances Continental’s drive towards maximum traffic safety but also supports its environmental goals by significantly reducing the need for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions traditionally associated with tire testing. Over 130,000 tires have been evaluated in the facility, contributing to the development of high-quality, environmentally friendly tire technologies.

The AIBA facility is central to Continental’s rigorous testing regimen, which also includes real-world evaluations using the Analytical Vehicle AIBA (AVA), a fully electric, driverless test vehicle. This comprehensive testing ensures that Continental tires deliver optimal performance under all conditions, a commitment underscored by the success of products like the WinterContact TS 870, which excelled in the ADAC’s 2023 winter tire test.

Continental’s dedication to sustainability and efficiency is evident in the AIBA facility’s reliance on renewable energy sources since 2020 and its contribution to the company’s goal of achieving 100% carbon neutrality across its value chain by 2050. Through extensive research and development, Continental continues to pioneer new technologies, materials, and processes that enhance tire energy efficiency, recyclability, and overall environmental friendliness, setting a benchmark for the tire industry’s future.

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