Continental Unveils Mid-term Growth Strategy

Continental, at the Capital Market Day event in Hanover, revealed its comprehensive strategy designed to boost value creation and achieve ambitious mid-term targets. The plan involves a suite of cost-reduction measures to attain an 8 to 11 percent adjusted EBIT margin in the next few years. Sales forecasts are also revised, aiming for €44 billion to €48 billion in the short term and €51 billion to €56 billion in the medium term. Additionally, the company announced an increased dividend distribution corridor, now set at 20 to 40 percent of net income.

Why It Matters

Continental’s strategy is pivotal for its evolution into a mobility and material technology group focusing on safe, smart, and sustainable solutions. This move is significant as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to driving value creation and resilience amidst a rapidly transforming automotive industry. The strategic refocusing on high-growth, value-creating business areas within the Automotive group, coupled with the emphasis on sustainable practices and operational excellence in Tires and ContiTech sectors, reflects Continental’s proactive approach to addressing market shifts and enhancing competitiveness.

Key Points

  • Automotive Sector Reorganization: The Automotive group will prioritize high-growth, value-creating business areas. The User Experience business area is slated to become organizationally independent, unlocking new strategic possibilities.
  • Tires Sector Strategy: The Tires group continues its focus on profitable growth, leveraging sustainability, electric mobility, and digital tire services.
  • ContiTech’s Industrial Focus: ContiTech aims to strengthen its focus on the industrial sector, intending to increase its sales share from 55 percent to 80 percent.
  • Financial Targets: Continental targets a consolidated adjusted EBIT margin of 8 to 11 percent and a sales goal of €51 billion to €56 billion in the medium term.
  • Dividend Policy Update: The dividend distribution range is revised to 20-40 percent of net income, up from the previous 15-30 percent range.

Bottom Line

Continental’s strategy reveals a clear focus on enhancing value creation through strategic reorganization, cost-reduction measures, and a commitment to sustainable and innovative practices. By redefining its approach in key business areas and setting ambitious financial targets, Continental is positioning itself to navigate the challenges of the automotive industry while capitalizing on emerging opportunities. This strategic pivot is crucial for Continental’s long-term growth and resilience, offering a robust roadmap for the company’s future in a dynamic market landscape.


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