Cleveland CycleWerks Partners with Sphere Brakes

Source: Cleveland CycleWerks

CLEVELAND — Scott Colosimo, CEO of Cleveland CycleWerks announces a new partnership with Sphere Brakes, LLC, from Erie, Penn.

“#FalconRising is not just an event to announce our first E-Mobility platform, it represents a significant shift in the way that Cleveland CycleWerks functions as a business. Sphere Brakes is a U.S. tech company with an innovation that reduces rotational mass, manufacturing complexity and increases braking performance and efficiency.” Colosimo added. “We are working to release this technology in our line of Falcon electric vehicles.”

Aaron Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sphere Brakes goes on to explain a little more: “Disc and drum brakes were invented over a 120 years ago at the turn of the 20th century, back when electricity was in its infancy.”

More than 110 years later, Aaron Lewis invented the world’s first sphere brake in Erie, Penn.

“The patented sphere brake uses mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic pressure to apply hemispherical pads against a spherical brake surface during compression. This allows multi-axial brake force while generating more torque in a smaller package,” Lewis added.

“The technology is currently being developed through the Marine Corps and U.S. Army. Our design provides Cleveland CycleWerks’ E-Mobility product with a lightweight, high performing brake that is cost-competitive through part reduction and lean manufacturing.”

If that wasn’t already an impressive package, Lewis and his team also increased serviceability in the field.

“Our system is also the first brake that doesn’t require tools or lifts to change brake pads. This provides unprecedented value and performance to Cleveland’s E-Mobility users across multiple platforms.”

Colosimo concluded, “The technology behind #FalconRising is only possible with U.S. based technology partners. Our E-Mobility platform will fundamentally improve the rider experience. We are creating a people-friendly, affordable bike that has the ‘cool’ factor that riders love with motorcycles, but is substantiated with a real tech package that is designed specifically for the bike and for the rider.

Partnering with U.S. manufacturers and U.S. technology partners will bring this bike to market faster and more affordably than our competitors.”

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