Champions Use Champion Racing Motor Oil

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Source: Champion Brands announcement

Clinton, Mo. — For more than six decades Champion Brands, a globally recognized blender and packager of motor oils, brake fluids, gear lubes, and many other specialty lubricants, continues their winning podium trend that “Champions Use Champion.”

Champion’s SAE 20W-50 Semi-Synthetic Racing Oil, a top selling racing oil, provides protection from metal-to-metal contact and increases horsepower and torque in most race applications. Known for a high degree of zinc, moly, calcium and phosphorus, it is a true high performance racing oil.

Champion Racing Motor Oils are “purpose-built” and designed for amateur and professional racing applications. These products contain Champion’s proprietary Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer (TVS), special lubricity modifiers, and a premium level of anti-wear additives which includes a high quantity of ZDDP.

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This robust formula is proven to meet the lubrication demands of competition engines, and create a tough film strength, which controls wear and provides more horsepower and torque results in dynamometer testing.

Champion’s Racing Oil is suitable for use in all competition engines especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high RPMs and requiring high-pressure valve springs. This product is formulated to meet the demands of most of today’s high-performance race engines.

Champion SAE 20W-50 Racing Motor Oil features include: exceptional low coefficient of friction, film strength and viscosity stability at higher temperatures, formulated for the protection of flat tappet cams, roller cams and bearings in turbo and super-charged racing engines, increases high-temp oil pressure and compression, compatible with all racing fuels including methanol, provides upper cylinder anti-wear protection, reduces engine oil temperature, and compatible with other petroleum and synthetic oils.

These benefits are directly linked to Champion’s premium base stock and anti-wear protection package, which contains a unique balance of chemistry including high levels of zinc and phosphorus. The semi-synthetic formula provides a lower coefficient of friction than conventional racing motor oils.

Plus offers film strength and viscosity stability of thicker mono-grades at higher temperatures with less drag, provides upper cylinder anti-wear protection, and reduces operating temperature.  In addition, the Champion 20W-50 Racing Oil is specially formulated for a better piston ring seal for maximum compression, horsepower and torque.

“This top-tier SAE racing oil addresses the potential of flat tappet camshaft failures found in older racing motors,” stated Karl Dedolph of Champion Oil. “The problem started years ago when oil companies began producing oils with a reduction in the anti-wear additive packages and noticed flat tappet camshaft and lifter failures.

“Most racing engine builders over the years might have blamed camshaft or lifter hardness, however they found that the majority of the failures were, in part, due to a reduction of anti-wear additives. These failures coincided with a reduction of the Zinc additive.

“This is not typically a problem in late model racing motors using roller lifters and newer camshafts because they do not need as much of the anti-scuffing additive packages to protect the sliding action of flat tappet camshaft and lifter surfaces.

“The main anti-wear additive in Champion’s SAE 20W-50 Racing Motor Oil is Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDP).  There are other anti-wear additives, mentioned earlier, but Zinc is maybe the most well-known oil additives found in any popular racing oils. In much the same way that aspirin cures many ailments, ZDDPs provide many benefits to lubricating oils, especially racing engine oils”.

“This class of additives delivers the anti-wear film necessary to protect metal parts under mixed lubrication where metal-to metal contact can occur. They function by adhering to the metal in the engine and are activated as metal-to-metal contact causes temperatures and pressures to rise. 

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“The result is a smooth, glass-like surface that provides excellent protection of metal components. This sacrificial coating prevents metal to metal contact, which reduces friction and wear. All key protection properties for cams, lifters, push rods, wrist pins, distributor gears, bearings, etc.

“ZDDP also provides an excellent anti-oxidant and work synergistically with other additives found in racing oils. Along with its stability it activates at differing temperatures and pressures,” concluded Dedolph.  

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