Brembo’s Solution for Cleaner Air

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Brembo recently introduced the Greenance Kit, an innovative solution aimed at significantly reducing PM10 and PM2.5 emissions, addressing the urgent issue of urban air pollution. Recent data has spotlighted Milan as one of the world’s most polluted cities, with PM2.5 levels 29.7 times higher than WHO guidelines. This alarming situation has sparked widespread concern and debate over sustainable mobility and environmental preservation.

In response to escalating air quality concerns, the Brembo Greenance Kit emerges as a viable and effective solution. Unlike drastic measures such as traffic restrictions or bans on polluting vehicles, this innovative kit offers a sustainable alternative. Comprising specially designed brake discs and pads, the kit significantly lowers emissions, boasting reductions of 83% in PM10 and 80% in PM2.5. These impressive results are backed by ECE-R90 approval and rigorous testing to meet Brembo’s high standards.

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The concept of Greenance, blending “green” and “performance,” reflects Brembo’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality. The kit not only minimizes environmental impact but also provides economic benefits by enhancing mileage and reducing vehicle maintenance costs. Improved brake disc durability, in particular, triples their lifespan, offering a cost-effective solution for both individual motorists and professional fleets.

Brembo’s initiative underscores the automotive industry’s role in promoting sustainable mobility. The company’s dedication to refining production processes and pioneering eco-friendly solutions aligns with global demands for lower environmental impact. GREENANCE symbolizes a new era of products that prioritize ecological responsibility alongside exceptional braking performance, paving the way for a more sustainable future in automotive technology.

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