Brembo’s GP4-MotoGP Caliper: Road-Ready

Brembo, a leader in high-performance braking systems, recently unveiled its GP4-MotoGP caliper at EICMA 2023. This latest addition to the Brembo GP4 family brings MotoGP technology directly to road use.

Why It Matters

This innovation marks a significant crossover of professional racing technology into consumer products, offering everyday riders access to the pinnacle of braking performance. Brembo’s move exemplifies the trend of racing technology influencing road vehicle capabilities, setting a new standard for motorcycle braking systems.

Brembo's GP4-MotoGP Caliper: Road-Ready

Key Points

  1. High-Performance Design: The GP4-MotoGP caliper, available in a 100mm fixing version, features an oblique pad slide that enhances braking power and reduces pad wear.
  2. Thermal Efficiency: Ventilation fins and new racing pistons improve the thermal exchange of the braking system, contributing to better cooling and performance.
  3. Solid Construction: Unlike cast components, the GP4-MotoGP caliper is machined from solid billet of aluminum, offering greater resistance and durability.
  4. Aesthetic and Functional Strength: The caliper boasts a sharp, bold design. Its nickel-coating treatment ensures durability and optimal performance.
  5. Racing Pedigree: This caliper is a direct descendant of the technology used in MotoGP and SBK, offering unparalleled performance and reliability to road bikes.

Bottom Line

Brembo’s GP4-MotoGP caliper is a groundbreaking advancement, bringing MotoGP-level braking performance to the road. It’s an exemplary blend of aesthetics, durability, and high-level performance, reflecting Brembo’s continued leadership in motorcycle braking technology. This development is not just a leap forward for Brembo, but for the entire motorcycle industry, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in road bike performance.


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