Brembo Sales Surge in 2023

Brembo, the global leader in automotive brake systems, has reported a robust performance for the first nine months of 2023. The company’s revenues escalated to €2,919 million, a 7% increase compared to the same period last year, even amid a turbulent economic and geopolitical climate.

Why It Matters

The growth trajectory Brembo is experiencing is crucial as it demonstrates the company’s resilience and adaptability in a challenging market. This is especially significant considering the varied performance across different markets, with substantial growth in some areas and a slight decline in others.

Key Points

  • Revenue Growth: Brembo’s consolidated net revenues jumped by 7.0%, reaching nearly €3 billion, with even higher growth at constant exchange rates.
  • Sector Performance: The automotive sector saw a 7.9% increase, commercial vehicles rose by 6.9%, and racing applications leaped by 15.3%. However, motorcycle applications slightly declined.
  • Geographical Expansion: Sales advanced across multiple regions, with notable increases in Germany (13.8%) and South America (30.6%), while China experienced a decrease.
  • Financial Health: EBITDA reached €500.2 million, and the company reported a net profit of €231.1 million, though slightly lower than the previous year.
  • Investment and Innovation: Brembo continues to invest in innovation and maintain positive cash flows, reducing net debt while funding ambitious investment programs.
  • Employment Growth: The number of Brembo employees has increased, supporting its expansion.

Bottom Line

Brembo’s financial results are a testament to the company’s enduring strength and strategic approach in a fluctuating global landscape. With increased revenues and sustained investment in innovation and workforce, Brembo is positioned for continued success, despite market adversities and a slight downturn in net profits. Looking ahead, Brembo anticipates revenue growth in the mid to high single digits for the current year, maintaining a stable margin percentage in line with the previous year’s performance.


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