Brembo Greenance Kit Wins Gold at Lingxuan

Brembo, the renowned brake system manufacturer, has again made a mark in the automotive industry by winning the Gold Award at the 2023 Lingxuan Awards. This time, it’s for their innovative Beyond Greenance Kit, a product that stands at the intersection of performance and environmental sustainability.

Why It Matters

The victory is significant for Brembo, marking their continued leadership in forward-looking automotive solutions. Brembo’s Beyond Greenance Kit, designed for light commercial vehicles, demonstrates a commitment to sustainable mobility without sacrificing quality or performance. This win also solidifies Brembo’s reputation as a pioneer in the automotive industry, particularly in the Chinese market where the company has been a key player for over two decades.

Key Points

  • Award Recognition: Brembo’s Beyond Greenance Kit received the Gold Award in the chassis and tire forward-looking category at the 8th Lingxuan Awards.
  • Product Features: The kit includes innovative alloy discs and engineered brake pads, enhancing Brembo’s aftermarket lineup. It offers superior braking performance and significantly reduces environmental impact.
  • Environmental Impact: The Greenance Kit notably reduces particulate emissions by up to 83% for PM10 and 80% for PM2.5, showcasing Brembo’s commitment to green technology.
  • Economic Benefits: Alongside environmental benefits, the kit offers an average reduction of 15% in total cost of ownership, tripled brake disc lifespan, and supports long-distance professionals and fleet owners in achieving cost savings.
  • Certifications and Tests: The product has passed ECE-R90 homologation tests and rigorous benchmark road tests, adhering to Brembo’s stringent quality standards.

Bottom Line

Brembo’s Beyond Greenance Kit represents a significant stride in sustainable automotive technology. By winning the Gold Award at the Lingxuan Awards, Brembo not only reinforces its role as a leader in innovative automotive solutions but also underscores its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future in mobility. As this product hits the market, it offers a glimpse into the future of automotive parts that prioritize environmental protection without compromising on performance.


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