Brembo Announces Second Hackathon

STEZZANO, Italy — Brembo, a world leader and innovator in automotive brake technology, is hosting its second BREMBO HACKATHON, from October 13 – 15, at the Brembo Inspiration Lab in Sunnyvale, Calif.

During Brembo Hackathon, participants will dive into machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize current braking technologies.

The Brembo Data and AI Hackathon aims to leverage the power of data-driven models to create cutting-edge recipes and material compounds for new brakes and improve data models for warranty claims that enhance safety, performance and efficiency.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Brembo Inspiration Lab is a center of excellence focused on strengthening the company’s expertise in software development, data science and artificial intelligence.

At the center of the HACKTAHON lies a vast and diverse data set provided by Brembo. This anonymized data set encompasses information on various car models, their braking systems, performance metrics, and real-world driving scenarios.

Armed with this data, participants will be tasked with building innovative machine learning models capable of predicting and optimizing brake designs or solving warranty database issues to further improve Brembo’s already in-place model.

Participants will choose between one of two hackathon challenges, which are defined below. Each challenge will have its own unique data set and sample modeling.

“Brembo Hackathon brings together Silicon Valley’s sharpest minds to help innovate commercially viable solutions,” said Daniele Schillaci, CEO of Brembo. “In a constantly evolving automotive landscape, solutions to challenges come from anywhere and everywhere, and the winners of this event will live up to Brembo’s mantra of being a solutions provider.

“And what better place to host this event, than our Inspiration Lab, where, like these participants, we challenge what is possible with technology every day.”

The HACKATHON is open to both start-ups and individuals who are eager to join Brembo tackle real-world challenges.

There are two challenges for participants to choose from at the event:

  • Generative AI & brake pad recipe creation Armed with friction test data provided by Brembo, use generative AI to create new compounds, forecast testing results and the framework for predicting the effectiveness and characteristics of a new company brake product. Solutions must be based on generative AI, applied to provide a model able to propose new recipes that increase the number of candidate compounds, ensuring feasibility and good performances.
  • Synthetic data for warranty classification Based on a historical warranty database, which includes claims from customers, generate synthetic data that can augment the company’s data set, retrain the current production model, and determine if there is improvement in the final classifier. The synthetic data that is generated should resemble the data that Brembo is providing and should be used to improve the company’s existing model.

The best projects to emerge will be awarded prizes and will have the possibility of an incubation contract with Brembo.


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