Brembo Adds 8-Piston Caliper

STEZZANO, Italy – OCTYMA is the latest addition to the Brembo stable, an 8-piston aluminum brake caliper that blends style, design and identity with functionality, performance and cutting-edge content.

The caliper

Octyma has been exclusively designed for the new Range Rover Sport SV, Range Rover’s high-performance modern luxury flagship. It is a front caliper distinguished by its innovative cross layout for the 8 pistons, guaranteeing maximum braking efficiency.

OCTYMA, from the Latin octo, indicates the number of pistons, but a figure of eight also symbolizes infinity and a constant flow of energy and power that represents balance and harmony. Power and style.

OCTYMA recalls the optimization of pad pressure distribution, made possible by the new cross layout for the pistons. This characteristic is highlighted in the caliper body design to convey the innovation and unique quality of the new braking system.

The Brembo caliper has taut lines, designed to lend sporty character, and is marked by attention to detail that ensures an elegant solution.

The braking system is made even more exclusive by seeking out specific colors: yellow, red, carbon bronze and black. The color brings out the shape and helps define the caliper’s personality.

Octyma is the biggest caliper ever to be fitted on a Range Rover and is one of the strengths of the new Range Rover Sport SV, the British brand’s most powerful and dynamic SUV ever. This gem was developed by the SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) division, which handles the design of Range Rover’s most high-performance, luxury vehicles.

In combination with dual cast or carbon-ceramic disc

The disc too, a next-generation dual cast, takes up the same stylistic language to accentuate the vehicle’s sporty character. It’s a lightweight disc featuring a new concept for connecting the cast-iron braking band and aluminum housing and allows better performance at high temperatures.

For the first time on a Range Rover, the option of carbon-ceramic brakes (CCB) is also available, offering high braking performance, longer life and a 34 kg reduction in unsprung weight compared to the dual cast ones. This reduction in unsprung weight on the vehicle translates to even more responsive handling, faster acceleration and enhanced driving quality.


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