Brakes India to Produce Green Castings for Volvo

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CHENNAI, India – Media outlets in India are reporting Brakes India will produce “green” castings for global engine production by the Volvo Group.

The reports indicate annual production of more than 180,000 tons of iron castings made from scrap, alloys and raw materials free of radioactive materials. In addition, the manufacturing process will operate on solar and wind-derived energy, alleviating the need for diesel fuel with electric ladle preheating.

Included within the green castings to be produced by Brakes India are bearing caps and bearing housings for select Volvo engines. Production of these parts in this manner alone will result in an 8,500-ton CO2 savings.

According to the Hindu BusinessLine, “These castings are certified by the Confederation of Indian Industry – Green Products and Services Council. As per their definition, the manufacturing of green casting involves the elimination of toxic chemicals and elements, has zero carbon footprint, uses minimal resources, where products can be recycled and reused, and comes with eco-friendly packaging.”

Kamal Bali, President and Managing Director, Volvo Group in India, said, “India is a home base for the Volvo Group and we not only ‘Make in India’ but also design, process, sell and source from India to the world. Green casting has the potential to kickstart a revolution in the casting manufacturing process for a sustainable future.”

Brakes India sees this collaboration as a step towards increasing its export business.

“Our international relations are good and this has created a lot of optimism about getting a bigger share of the global business and we are working on becoming a major player of the next five years both on the domestic and international fronts,” said Siriam Viji, Managing Director, Brakes India.

The Brakes India foundry exports to numerous countries including the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Sweden, France and Japan.

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