Brake Pad Thickness: a Primer

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NEW DEHLI – Periodically, as a means of showing the industry how the public is being presented with information on braking, The BRAKE Report brings to light articles published in consumer media. The following is an excerpt of a post from car&bike, an Indian automotive-enthusiast website discussing brake pad thickness impact on vehicle braking operations.

Importance Of Brake Pads

The reason your brake pads are crucial is simple: they allow your automobile to stop. You won’t be able to stop your vehicle at all if you don’t have pads. If you cannot stop your vehicle, you are going to have a collision with anything that’s on the road.

As a result, thickness is important for your vehicle’s braking capacity. The brakes will not have enough substance to stop your car at the required distance if they are not the correct thickness.

If your pads are thin, the braking will be bad. As a result, they are extremely important. You don’t want to entirely wear them out due to metal-on-metal contact.

The brake pad backing plate has a friction substance on top of it. When the friction material wears down, the brakes are effectively useless. This is why it’s critical to understand the proper pad thickness and determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

Ideal Size For Brake Pads

Brake pad quality and size might differ from one application to the next and from one manufacturer to the next. However, the minimum thickness of new front brake pads is around 12 mm. Anything less than this is not suggested for your car.

On the other hand, rear pads are slightly thinner when new, ranging from 8mm to 10mm in thickness. This is because you don’t need much braking force in the back, and some automobiles’ rear brakes are drums, which are drums since they’re not subjected to the same levels of stress as the brakes, which are in the front of the vehicle.

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