Bettaparts Enhances Customer Experience

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Bettaparts, a leading supplier of braking components and wheel bearings for the automotive aftermarket, has significantly improved its customer journey by integrating electronic trading through PACT. This partnership leverages PACT’s role as the sole distributor of TecCom and eparts in the UK and Ireland, streamlining Bettaparts’ ordering process for better efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In the automotive aftermarket, suppliers and distributors are increasingly turning to digital tools to streamline their operations. The TecCom portal plays a crucial role in fostering stronger business relationships by simplifying communication among garages, motor factors, suppliers, and customers.

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Toby Whewell, Sales and Marketing Director at Fras-le, Bettaparts’ parent company, emphasizes the strategic shift towards digital: “To help us meet strategic objectives across the business we have refined our trading processes and customer-facing product catalogues to be more digitally focused.”

Having served the industry for over 40 years, Bettaparts is renowned for its high-quality braking, suspension, and wheel bearing parts, notably through its ABTEX brand. The digital trading system not only enhances operational transparency but also supports remote part verification, streamlining Bettaparts’ processes.

Mark Rudge, Director at PACT, highlights the economic benefits of digitalization: “In order to keep business operations lean at a time when running a garage is increasing in cost, digital tools and new working methods are being employed to increase efficiency, consequently saving time and money.”

This digital integration represents a significant step forward for Bettaparts, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket by offering a more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly ordering process.

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