Bentley Continental GT Offers Huge Brakes

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Source: Bentley announcement

CREWE, U.K., — The new Continental GT Speed Coupe and Convertible represents the very pinnacle of performance grand touring and defines the most dynamic road-going Bentley ever made, with no compromise to comfort or luxury. In addition, the latest member of the fabled marque sports the largest brake discs – 440mm (17.3 inches) – optionally available on a production automobile.

A combination of four chassis technologies give the Continental GT Speed a level of agility, performance and ride quality that has been stretched to new levels.

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Bentley Dynamic Ride and three-chamber active air suspension with adaptive damping play a key role in the balance of the car and provide a formidable foundation upon which to build. 

The optional and newly developed carbon-ceramic brakes, variable electronic stability control, all-wheel steering, and an electronic limited slip differential bolster the agility and performance even further.

Combining the new systems the Continental GT Speed still maintains Bentley’s philosophy that a vehicle should feel progressive and secure, yet still be dynamic.

To achieve this philosophy in BENTLEY and COMFORT mode, overall grip is balanced between the front and rear wheels, while in SPORT this mode has been calibrated with a more rear-biased torque–split in all driving scenarios.

The Largest Car Brakes in the World

The new carbon ceramic braking system boasts 440mm diameter front discs combined with new ten-piston front calipers, making this not only the biggest brake ever fitted to a Bentley but also the largest car brake in the world.

This latest generation of carbon-ceramic disc has been specially formulated to provide class-leading braking performance with copper-free brake friction material for reduced environmental impact.

The new ceramic brake system offers weight saving of 33 kg compared to the iron braking system, and most importantly this is un-sprung weight which lowers inertia and gives the vehicle more responsive handling. 

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The ceramic brake has been extensively tested around the world including at the Nurburgring Nordschleife where it set levels of braking performance never before achieved by a Bentley. In objective tests the ceramic brake has proven itself to be exceptionally fade resistant – after 10-consecutive stops from 80 mph, the stopping distance only increased by 1.1 meters, to just 61.1 meters.

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