AVL Sensor Balances Braking, Performance

GRAZ, Austria — The AVL Group posted the following on Linkedin explaining its new AVL Brake Torque Sensor to help test – and thus optimize – braking performance and with it, a vehicle’s overall performance.


While horsepower and powertrain performance might be the obvious factors of importance, it is the braking that is a big performance differentiator. Today´s brakes are the most powerful component in the vehicle, and they are becoming more complex than in the past: In hybrid or electric cars, power distribution between the electric motor and the braking system is essential to regulate the braking behavior as evenly and consistently as possible and not to overload one system excessively. Furthermore, residual braking effects (dragging) and emissions from abrasion are challenges that will be regulated in near future and must therefore be solved.


The AVL Brake Torque Sensor is the unique solution to validate and optimize brake performance on testbeds and vehicles of any kind.

Developed and produced by AVL groups high-performance sensor specialist Piezocryst Advanced Sensorics GmbH, the sensor is tailored to fit any disc brake geometry to precisely measure forces exactly where they occur. This future-proof technology delivers measurement results to further improve modern braking systems.

The cutting-edge sensor allows a perfect torque characterization of complex brake system behavior with sampling rates of up to 5 kHz – which is highly dynamic compared to traditional solutions. It is designed to have the lowest possible impact on the test setup by installing it directly onto the brake system.

These unique characteristics make the new sensor interesting for most automotive sectors from racing teams, to OEMs and brake manufacturers.

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