Autoglym Targets Brake Dust with Innovative Wheel Cleaner

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Autoglym introduces a new solution to one of the most persistent problems in car maintenance: brake dust accumulation. The company’s latest product, the Advanced All Wheel Cleaner, employs a revolutionary pH-neutral foaming formula that not only adheres to the wheel surface for extended cleaning action but also visibly reacts with brake dust and metal particles, changing color to deep red. This unique feature highlights the cleaner’s effectiveness in targeting and lifting away the stubborn brake dust that car owners often struggle to remove.

Key Highlights:

  • Brake Dust Removal: Specifically designed to combat brake dust, the cleaner’s active ingredients react visually, ensuring thorough removal.
  • pH-Neutral Formula: Safe for regular use, the formula works effectively on all lacquered wheel finishes without damaging them.
  • Effortless Application: Requires minimal to no scrubbing, significantly easing the wheel cleaning process.
  • Product Options: Available in 1-litre and 2.5-litre sizes, with an Autoglym Easy Sprayer for enhanced application efficiency.
Autoglym Targets Brake Dust with Innovative Wheel Cleaner

This distinctive color-changing feature sets the Advanced All Wheel Cleaner apart, offering visual confirmation of its brake dust combatting capabilities. The formula’s pH neutrality ensures it is gentle on all types of lacquered wheels, making it a safe choice for regular maintenance routines.

Acknowledging the tedious nature of wheel cleaning, especially when dealing with brake dust, Autoglym has developed this product to simplify the task. With no rigorous scrubbing required and the ability to easily rinse away dislodged contaminants, the cleaner addresses a major pain point for car owners.

The Advanced All Wheel Cleaner is offered in two convenient sizes. The smaller 1-litre bottle (RRP £19.99) suits occasional use, while the larger 2.5L option (RRP £29.99) is ideal for more frequent applications, both complemented by the new Autoglym Easy Sprayer (RRP £24.99) for an even easier application process.

Beyond its immediate cleaning benefits, this product aligns with Autoglym’s broader range of car care solutions, including the Ceramic Wash & Protect, for a comprehensive approach to vehicle maintenance.

Available through Autoglym’s website, Amazon, Halfords, and independent retailers, the Advanced All Wheel Cleaner is poised to become an essential tool in the fight against brake dust, simplifying wheel maintenance for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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