Audi Q7 Brake Noise Results in Class-Action Lawsuit

New Jersey lawsuit claims genuine Audi replacement brake pads and rotors are defective on Q7 model

Audi Q7 squeaky brakes have caused a class-action lawsuit filed for all New Jersey citizens who had brakes installed by Audi dealers between July 19, 2012, to the present.

The lawsuit doesn’t target original brakes that came with the Q7s, but instead, it’s the genuine Audi replacement parts that are included in the complaint.

Plaintiff Donald F. Browne, Jr. purchased a used 2013 Audi Q7 from a New Jersey Audi dealership in September 2014 when the SUV had about 14,825 miles on it. In April 2016 when the Q7 had about 30,000 miles, the plaintiff claims he noticed the original brakes were squeaking, so he took the vehicle to a dealer and had his brakes adjusted.

Browne says the brakes stopped squeaking for a while but the problem returned.

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