ASK Chemicals Welcomes New CEO

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ASK Chemicals Group, a prominent leader in the foundry chemicals and industrial resins sector, proudly announces the appointment of Luiz Totti as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately. With a robust background of over 11 years at ASK Chemicals, Luiz Totti steps into his new role with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership and innovation within the company and the industry at large.

Key Highlights:

  • Luiz Totti named CEO of ASK Chemicals Group
  • Totti brings over a decade of experience within ASK Chemicals
  • He has a strong background in global leadership roles
  • ASK Chemicals aims for sustained growth and market leadership under Totti

Luiz Totti’s journey at ASK Chemicals is marked by significant contributions to the company’s expansion and enhanced competitiveness on a global scale. Prior to becoming CEO, Totti held several key positions, including Managing Director of South America, Executive Vice President (EVP) Americas, and EVP of Asia. These roles underscored his ability to drive success and growth within the company.

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Before his tenure at ASK Chemicals, Totti gained valuable experience at Akzo Nobel and PPG, where he held various leadership roles, further enriching his expertise in the industry.

The strategic appointment of Totti as CEO is part of ASK Chemicals’ broader strategy to capitalize on his vast experience and forward-thinking approach to spearhead sustainable growth and reinforce the company’s stronghold in the market.

The Board of Directors and the ASK Chemicals team extend a warm welcome to Luiz Totti, expressing enthusiasm for the future milestones and sustainable value he is poised to bring to the company in his capacity as CEO.

About ASK Chemicals: Headquartered in Hilden, Germany, ASK Chemicals is a leading global supplier of foundry chemicals and high-performance industrial resins. The company boasts a comprehensive product lineup, including binders, coatings, and metallurgical products, serving the foundries and various industrial sectors. With a presence in 22 countries and approximately 1,800 employees worldwide, ASK Chemicals is dedicated to innovation and excellence, supported by research centers across Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

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