Apec’s Braking Range Grows Significantly

Apec, a leader in automotive braking technology, has expanded its product line with a significant addition of 59 new braking components. This expansion, announced in January, enhances Apec’s already extensive range, focusing especially on brake parts.

The introduction spans across Apec’s three primary lines: Apec Blue, Apec Red, and Apec Black. Notably, the Apec Red range sees the addition of 15 new parts, including four wheel cylinders, two master cylinders, one caliper kit, one brake hose, and seven brake pad sets. These components are crafted to uphold the high standards Apec’s customers expect.

Two first-to-market brake pad sets stand out in this update. These are the front brake pad set for the Porsche Taycan 2019 and beyond, and the front brake pad set for the Porsche Cayenne 2017 and onwards. Their introduction signifies Apec’s commitment to staying ahead in the market.

Further broadening the spectrum, the Apec Blue range now includes 42 additional brake pad sets. Similarly, the Apec Black range has been bolstered with two new brake pad sets. Key products among these include the front brake pad set for the Fiat 500C, 2009 and later, and the rear brake pad set for the VW Polo GTI 1.8, 2005-2009.

Apec Black Brake Pads are particularly noteworthy. They are manufactured using Advanced Friction Technology (AFT), reflecting the latest advancements in brake technology. This, coupled with comprehensive product testing, ensures exceptional quality and performance.

For more detailed information about Apec’s expanded range and their innovative braking solutions, interested parties can visit their website at Apec Automotive.

This expansion reflects Apec’s dedication to providing cutting-edge braking solutions. By continuously adding to its product offerings, Apec remains a go-to choice for automotive braking needs, consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards.


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