Alitheon’s FeaturePrint® Honored by TIME Magazine

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Alitheon, a worldwide pioneer in optical AI-driven serialization, announced today that its proprietary FeaturePrint® technology has been recognized by TIME magazine in its annual Best Inventions list.

FeaturePrint, leveraging a standard camera, serializes parts and products to address the rising multi-trillion-dollar challenge of counterfeited merchandise, untrackable items, and inadequate physical product identification. Industries ranging from automotive and pharmaceuticals to luxury goods and aviation are grappling with this escalating issue. FeaturePrint’s technology captures an item’s intricate surface specifics, transforming them into a distinct digital mathematical signature. This ensures an unprecedented 99.9% identification accuracy without any false positives.

“Fraudulent and unidentified goods infiltrate nearly every industry, damaging businesses, economies and livelihoods, as well as risking public health and safety,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of Alitheon. “TIME’s recognition of FeaturePrint as a leading invention puts this growing problem in the spotlight, where it should be.”

Highlighting the critical need for such technology, Ganzarski cited the recent debacle involving counterfeit airplane engine components, which jeopardized airlines globally. “This would’ve been avoided if the parts were FeaturePrinted,” said Ganzarski. “Instead, this is now a safety issue.” Counterfeit parts were discovered in leading airlines, including Delta, United, and Southwest, posing significant risks to unsuspecting travelers.

Primarily catering to businesses, FeaturePrint is already being implemented across sectors like automotive, aerospace and defense, medical equipment, precious metals, luxury items, and collectibles.

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About Alitheon: A front-runner in optical AI innovation, Alitheon® introduced FeaturePrint®, a patented system bridging the physical and digital realms with an unalterable link. Analogous to fingerprints for humans, FeaturePrint offers a distinctive identifier for items without altering or adding to them. Employing just a camera, FeaturePrinting facilitates verification, identification, and traceability of individual items amidst millions, combating counterfeiting, curbing misidentification, and preventing product misuse. Currently, FeaturePrint is serving varied industries for tracking, tracing, and authenticating purposes.

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