Alcon Launches CAR99 Calipers

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Alcon recently introduced CAR99, the latest innovation in its aftermarket caliper range, offering optimized 6 pot monobloc calipers suitable for a wide range of brake discs. These calipers are meticulously crafted from aluminium alloy and feature staggered pistons to significantly reduce tapered pad wear. This advancement underscores Alcon’s commitment to leveraging its deep expertise in specialist and performance braking solutions across its product lines.

With a focus on enhancing the braking performance of a diverse array of vehicles, Alcon‘s offerings are tailored for both everyday driving and the rigors of high-intensity track use. Every Alcon braking system undergoes rigorous testing, far surpassing the demands of even the most stringent customers, ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance. The objective goes beyond merely shortening stopping distances; it encompasses a holistic improvement in braking experience.

As enthusiasts of both racing and road cars, the team at Alcon prioritizes the tactile feedback that their brakes provide. It’s essential that their products deliver consistent performance, from the initial application in freezing conditions to enduring the challenges of setting a new lap record. The balance between lightweight design and exceptional durability, coupled with the demand for quiet operation and fade resistance under extreme conditions, guides Alcon’s development philosophy.

Whether customers opt for the Advantage Extreme brake kit or the premier RC4/RC6 kit, Alcon guarantees superior performance in critical areas. Customers can trust Alcon brakes to excel, offering a blend of innovation, durability, and excellence that sets new standards in the automotive industry.

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