Alcon Pushes Its Brake-by-Wire System

Commensurate with Alcon’s commitment to be at the forefront of emerging technology, the company has been developing fully active braking systems to meet advances in Autonomous Vehicle Technology.  They have engaged with top-flight motorsport and aeronautical suppliers, along with specialist contractors to enter the market with the Alcon brake-by-wire AAC01 BBW System, offering cutting-edge technology and performance.  Alcon’s AAC01 is a lightweight, off-the shelf, high-performance BBW system that features a failsafe design for passive braking in event of system failure; dual-channel pedal & calliper pressure measurement; and a Pedal Compliance Chamber Port for customer pedal-feel tuning.  In addition to the AAC01, Alcon have a number of advanced products under development and always welcome the opportunity to work on bespoke projects for a wide range of customers; from high-end motorsports to challenging military developments.

World-wide, a number of key Defence agencies, including the US Army, are working on Autonomous Vehicle Technology, with research projects looking into BBW technologies for both standard and emergency braking systems.  Current US research is looking at the development of a safety-critical, urgent stop system that can be incorporated into current and future ‘drive-by-wire’ technology across varying Army platforms.  In line with this, Alcon’s existing BBW system has the inherent functionality to be up-scaled from high-performance motorsport to heavy-armoured platforms, as well as being robust in both its operation and function.  Alcon’s extensive experience of working in the international defence sector attests to their ability to develop bespoke components to meet harsh and demanding battlefield environments.  As such they are also working on incorporating provisions to meet critical military EMC and environmental requirements and standards, amongst others.

Alcon have a dedicated US team to service their ever-growing customer base in the USA, and to be on hand for any state-side enquiries.  The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exhibition, the largest Land Warfare tradeshow in North America, will be taking place in Washington DC, 8-10 October 2018.

Source: Alcon

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