3D Printing Boosts Hayes’ Capabilities

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At the onset of this year, Hayes Brakes significantly upgraded its 3D printing technology, marking a pivotal step in enhancing its product development agility. This move equips them with a broad spectrum of in-house 3D printing resources, poised to accelerate the creation of innovative solutions within stringent deadlines.

Nathan Zinser on Streamlining Processes – Nathan Zinser, a test engineer at Hayes, highlighted the impact of this technological advancement on the company’s internal operations. “Frequently customers want to see parts as soon as possible, so getting actual, physical working parts to them sooner is key,” Zinser stated, emphasizing the importance of rapid prototyping in delivering high-quality products and services.

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Collaboration with Milwaukee School of Engineering – Prior to this enhancement, Hayes relied on the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Rapid Prototyping Consortium for additive prototyping needs. The introduction to Stratasys printers through the consortium has now been complemented by in-house capabilities, allowing for quicker iterations and development cycles. “That rapid development is due to the fact that we’ve already proven the design with the 3D printer,” Zinser explained, showcasing the efficiency gains from having direct access to advanced printing technology.

3D Printing Boosts Hayes' Capabilities

Benefits and Applications of In-House Printing – The implementation of 3D printing technology within Hayes has already shown its value across various stages of product development and manufacturing. From facilitating early testing and validation to enabling the production of direct end-use fixtures, the technology offers a blend of speed and functionality critical to modern manufacturing processes.

Maintaining Strategic Partnerships – Despite the shift towards in-house capabilities, Hayes continues to value its partnership with the MSOE 3D Printing Consortium for accessing specialized equipment and technologies not yet feasible for in-house operations. This balanced approach ensures that Hayes remains on the cutting edge of prototyping technologies while optimizing their core processes with in-house solutions.

Precision and Material Versatility – The precision of Hayes’ new 3D printing setup allows for direct CAD-to-printer workflows, eliminating the need for additional design modifications. The range of materials available for printing, including plastics, flexibles, and carbon fiber-reinforced composites, further underscores the technological versatility at Hayes’ disposal. “Having advanced testing equipment and 3D printing capabilities in-house…is just one way Hayes chooses to serve customers and commit to their need for speed,” Zinser concluded, encapsulating the strategic value of their latest technological upgrade.

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