TÜV Rheinland, CTR Announce Partnership

COLOGNE, Germany — TÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading providers of testing and certification services, recently announced a strategic partnership with the Randon Technology Center (CTR), one of the most complete open technology centers in Latin America, to offer a single, integrated solution to customers in the mobility sector.

The goal of the partnership is to provide a wide range of homologation services for commercial, lightweight, agricultural, automotive systems and components with all the safety and agility that customers need.

With this initiative, TÜV Rheinland will offer the Randon Technology Centre a unique solution for homologation, testing and type approval.

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The partnership between TÜV Rheinland and CTR also aims to meet the demands of a constantly evolving automotive market, which requires agile solutions to implement innovations with less time to market, gaining more competitiveness.

In this sense, the one-stop-shop concept made possible by the collaboration between the two companies will facilitate logistics, offering several services in a single location, allowing the product to be ready to be marketed in more than 60 countries.

About TÜV Rheinland

Vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, importers and engineering service providers face many challenges when it comes to homologation of new vehicle models, systems and components. In addition, they must be familiar with the latest legal regulations of the target markets on all continents and adapt their products to the most diverse requirements.

As an Accredited Certification Body, TÜV Rheinland is able to carry out tests on automotive systems and components, as well as to issue reports and the necessary documentation for a product to be approved by the authorities responsible for type approval.

Randon Technology Center

The Randon Technological Center (CTR) is a complex for the development, testing and homologation of products for the mobility industry. Located in an area of more than 90 hectares, it works as an engineering hub, offering extensive services, resources and specialized technical team, ensuring agility, hospitality and qualified service to customers.

The CTR is an open testing center, which has a proving ground with more than 20 types of tracks – with emphasis on the 53,1 m² of VDA and the 8,15 m² of low-friction area – totaling <> kilometers, where the most different pavements and specific irregularities are reproduced for testing in the most varied conditions.

In a building of 2,200 m², with administrative, engineering and meeting rooms, there is an instrumentation sector, technical space for vehicle preparation and structural laboratory, recently expanded, with the acquisition of new servo-hydraulic actuators, for validation of components and complete vehicles considering simultaneous loads with up to 8 actuators in different axes of signal input.

In addition to its infrastructure of tracks, laboratories and workshops, CTR has the personalized service of a team of engineers, technicians and pilots highly qualified for the development and execution of tests with an absolute focus on the safety and confidentiality of projects. It serves the segments of light line, trucks, buses, utilities, implements, systemists and agricultural and industrial lines.

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Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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