Launch Tech UK’s Hi-Tech ADAS Calibration Tool

DEVON, U.K. — Vehicle diagnostics and garage equipment specialist Launch Tech UK has revealed its new passenger car advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) calibration equipment, ADAS PRO+ and ADAS Mobile.

Innovation in vehicle connectivity has brought a host of safety improvements and driver assistance features to motorists, and further advances in this technology that are now commonly fitted as standard means demand for calibration equipment is steadily rising.

Dave Richards, managing director of Launch Tech UK, said: “Launch Tech’s new ADAS PRO+ and ADAS Mobile tools are high-precision professional ADAS calibration tools enabling static calibration processes and delivered with all necessary target boards.”

Cameras, radar and other sensors around a vehicle associated with ADAS features all require precise calibration after maintenance such as wheel realignment, windscreen repair or replacement, and collision damage repair.

ADAS PRO+ is an ADAS calibration tool that meets the requirements of daily ADAS calibration for car workshops. X-431 ADAS PRO+ contains the main frame, wheel clamp, target holder, laser range finder, range indicator and calibration target.

It supports multi-directional fine tuning, including parallel, front and rear, right and left. ADAS PRO+ enables calibration of ADAS systems such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, around-view monitoring, rear collision warning, blind spot detection and night-vision system.

ADAS Mobile is a portable ADAS calibration tool which meets the demands for daily ADAS calibration in workshops and glass repair shops. The five-line laser and fine-tuning switch help to centre the device parallel to the vehicle and does so with high precision.

The fully foldable design can minimize the transporting risk, speeds up the setup procedure and calibrates in various places, meeting all requirements for outdoor mobile calibrations. The special small target design for a wide range of vehicle models makes it convenient to carry and store.

In the vehicle repair industry, ADAS has already brought changes to repair procedures and time needed to complete work on a vehicle. Security advances are introducing further changes with the need for over-the-air connections with vehicle manufacturers or licensed providers to gain access to vehicle electronic control units (ECUs) to action calibration of ADAS equipment.

“The latest product launches will help workshops and vehicle repairers stay ahead of the curve as ADAS demands further advances in calibration technology,” Richards comments.


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