Comline ABS Sensor and Rings Solution

LUTON, U.K. — Comline Auto is offering a simple but important solution to a fitment issue associated with brake discs with ABS rings and sensors fitted to certain Citroën and Peugeot applications.

When correctly installed, there is a defined “air gap” between the ABS ring on the discs and ABS sensor mounted to the vehicle – technicians should refer to the vehicle manual to ascertain the correct gap; however, as the vehicle racks up the miles, corrosion builds on and around the mounting point, which can push the ABS sensor out of place. Consequently, when installing a new, replacement disc, the ring might touch the sensor and push it towards the disc.

While it may be possible to identify the problem prior to dismantling, there are symptoms to look out for: first, there may be a problem with the ABS system itself; if the ring and sensor are in direct contact, they will not function as intended or communicate with the vehicle’s ABS system.

In addition, the misplaced ABS sensor on the mounting point may have caused visible damage to the ABS ring on the disc being replaced.


To ensure an accurate repair and send a customer away happy, a technician’s first step is to remove the ABS sensor and any corrosion from the sensor mounting point. If the sensor is installed within a guide tube, the method is the same.

Next, the ABS sensor should be inspected for damage and replaced if necessary; if adjudged to be safe, it can be re-installed.

Once all checks have been completed, the new brake disc can be installed – ensuring a correct air gap between ABS sensor and ring. Before handing the vehicle back to its owner, the final task is to check the vehicle’s ABS system.

Anti-corrosion coating advantageous

Given the majority of Comline brake discs are finished with an advanced formulation, anti-corrosion coating, this illustrates the brand’s dedication to the technician.

The coating offers clear benefits: firstly, it removes the need to clean or degrease prior to fitment – Comline coated discs can be installed directly from box to axle, saving the installer time.

Furthermore, the protective coating delivers a long-lasting and corrosion-free appearance, which Comline is confident will appeal to vehicle owners, not to mention the outstanding stopping power that these discs provide.

With brake pads manufactured in-house, full ECE R90 approval, all new caliper units produced with zero remanufacturing or surcharges and a competitive warranty, Comline’s braking range is an impressive one. Brake discs alone cover more than 90% of the European, Japanese and Korean car parc with more than 1,350 references.


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