Bendix: Prepare Early for Winter Trucking Safety

AVON, Ohio – As North America braces for winter, industry leaders stress the importance of early preparations for trucking safety. The latest installment in the Bendix Tech Tips series offers critical advice to ensure uninterrupted and safe journeys throughout the frosty months.

Prioritize Brake Maintenance

Mark Holley, Bendix’s director of marketing and customer solutions for Wheel-End, highlights the urgency of ensuring brake readiness for the upcoming icy roads. Holley states, “Ahead of snow and ice, it’s paramount that brakes function at their peak.” He suggests regular brake inspections and lubrication as key preventive measures. Special attention should be directed at air brake chamber housings for corrosion or damage, as winter conditions can exacerbate these issues.

Technicians, on the other hand, need to ensure dust plugs are properly seated to fend off corrosive materials. For added protection, the Bendix® EnduraSure® Pro™ sealed air chamber has been designed with an integrated check valve to prevent moisture penetration.

Furthermore, on vehicles with air-disc brakes, inspection of the boots for damages is vital. Timely replacement of worn-out parts and ensuring the brake’s smooth operation on its guidance system is essential. Holley emphasizes the role of lubrication in combating moisture buildup, urging the re-greasing of essential components such as slack adjusters and cam tubes.

Ensure Air System Reliability

The truck’s air system vulnerability escalates in winter, notes Jason Kolecki, Bendix’s director of marketing and customer solutions for Air Supply and Drivetrain. He recommends manual air tank draining at the onset of cold weather. Additionally, regular replacement of the air dryer cartridge is a necessary winter preparation step, especially if signs of moisture appear during tank draining.

Oil-coalescing dryer cartridges, like Bendix® PuraGuard®, are now standard on most trucks. Replacing these cartridges with exact matches prevents potential malfunctions. Moreover, initiating the winter season with a new purge valve, available in the Bendix® AD-HF® or AD-HFi™ air dryer maintenance kit, is advisable.

Kolecki also cautions against the over-reliance on de-icing solutions, noting the potential damage to system components.

Uphold Driver Assistance Tech Performance

TJ Thomas, Bendix’s director of marketing and customer solutions for Controls, draws attention to the challenges posed by winter to advanced driver assistance technologies. He advises regular checks for diagnostic trouble codes, ensuring optimal tire tread depth, and a thorough pre-trip inspection, especially of external cameras and radars for obstructions.

In maintenance shops, tire pressure monitoring systems should be checked for accurate functioning, and all electrical connections should be secured against winter’s harsh conditions.

In conclusion, timely winter preparations significantly enhance trucking safety. For further insights, the Bendix Tech Tips series is accessible at, along with instructional content at and The Bendix Tech Team can be contacted at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE, option 2. Comprehensive maintenance information is available at and


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