Bendix Health Center 10th Anniversary

AVON, Ohio – How important is the on-site company health center to employees at the Huntington, Indiana, manufacturing complex of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC?

“It’s seen as absolutely essential – an indispensable part of the workplace,” said Eric Meehan, Bendix Huntington plant manager. “With the convenience and care it offers, the Bendix Health Center is right up there with the operation’s safe working conditions, competitive pay and benefits, and climate-controlled plant.

“And it’s another reason for the Huntington plant’s standing as a highly valued employer in the region.”

This month, Bendix celebrates the 10th anniversary of the center, which has helped hundreds of employees and family members change their lives for the better.

The Health Center, operated through a partnership with Marathon Health LLC, reflects Bendix’s long-standing commitment to the health and wellness of its employees and their families. A nurse practitioner and medical assistant staff the center, where employees and family members receive preventive, primary, and acute care services, follow-up care, and referral management.

Other services include health assessments, health coaching, medication dispensing and support, administration of lab tests, management of chronic conditions, and educational offerings. On-site clinicians can either serve as employee primary care physicians or coordinate with employees’ current doctors.

Employees can visit the Health Center – open four days a week – during their shift. The center now offers pre-employment health screenings for new hires as well, introducing people to its services before they’ve started their job at Bendix.

“We’re proud to reach the 10-year mark of the on-site Health Center at Huntington,” said Gwen Scott, Bendix’s director, wellness and benefits. “The milestone speaks to our enduring focus on promoting a culture of health at Bendix – and, in turn, to our employees and their families enthusiastically embracing that culture.

“We emphasize wellness and proactive healthcare management as part of our Bendix Be Healthy mission – toward the goal of helping everyone live their best lives at work, at home, and into retirement. Above all, we strive to do everything possible to make the healthy choice the easy and convenient choice for our workers and their families.”

Numbers Tell the Story

The effort is working, according to data compiled by Marathon Health. Bendix Huntington’s workforce numbers over 500 employees. In 2022, more than three-quarters of employees without high-risk health conditions engaged with the Health Center.

For those with high-risk conditions, the number rose to 85%. Nearly three-quarters of all participants made progress on key biometrics – seeing improvements in everything from blood pressure measurements to cholesterol and glucose readings.

In a survey, employees gave the center a 98% patient satisfaction score. The 2022 engagement numbers reflect consistent growth since the center’s opening, while patient satisfaction scores have remained at or near 100% throughout the decade.

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