Applus IDIADA’s Advanced Brake Testing Solution

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Applus IDIADA has recently launched an innovative solution, the Drag & DTV Portable, setting new standards in the field of brake testing. This advanced technology is designed to measure brake drag torque and disc thickness variation (DTV) with unparalleled precision.

This compact and versatile system is engineered to be utilized both inside and outside the workshop, offering adaptability across various wheel dimensions. The Drag & DTV Portable comprises two integral kits: the Drag Torque kit and the Disc Thickness Variation kit (DTV). When used together, these kits enable real-time data capture and visualization, significantly streamlining on-site engineering tasks.

Applus IDIADA's Advanced Brake Testing Solution

Enhancing Measurement Quality and Efficiency, the Drag & DTV Portable is a game-changer in routine vehicle brake testing. It not only improves the quality and reliability of measurements but also optimizes efficiency in testing processes.

An additional and optional kit has been introduced to this system, broadening its scope of application. This new kit allows for Drag Torque measurements in facilities lacking vehicle lifts, requiring only a standard jack to elevate the wheel for testing.

Key features of the Drag & DTV Portable include:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Ensuring swift deployment and operational readiness.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for both workshop and field testing operations.
  • Synchronized Data Acquisition: Simultaneous capturing of data for brake drag torque and disc thickness.
  • Automated Data Export and Report Generation: Facilitating smooth and efficient documentation of test results.

In summary, Applus IDIADA’s Drag & DTV Portable is a significant advancement in brake testing technology. Its ability to deliver accurate, real-time data in a user-friendly manner marks a notable leap forward in automotive engineering and vehicle safety testing.

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