ZF’s Integrated Brake Control System Debuts on Chevrolet Silverado

  • New ZF IBC (Integrated Brake Control) system now in production in North America on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado
  • Helps meet increased requirements for fuel efficiency/reduced CO2 and is powertrain independent 
  • Provides enhanced performance capabilities for systems such as automatic emergency braking & automated driving functions
  • Offers car-like pedal feel in a full-sized truck

Friedrichshafen, Germany / Livonia, Mich.

ZF has launched its first production Integrated Brake Control (IBC) system on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. The ZF IBC is a vacuum-independent technology that simplifies the brake system’s architecture while offering enhanced performance capabilities. It also features world class brake pedal response for large trucks with a car-like feel that inspires confidence in the vehicle’s brake system.

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ZF has deep experience in the design, development and supply of high complexity, powertrain independent electro-mechanical brake control technologies and this innovation has been in series production since 2007 on the Chevrolet Volt.

In a single integrated unit, the new ZF IBC can replace the electronic stability control system along with the vacuum booster and the associated cables, sensors, switches, electronic controllers and vacuum pumps where they are required for low or no vacuum configurations. As a result, IBC can be a significant contributor to enhanced fuel economy with a corresponding decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Integrated Brake Control system represents the future of braking technology and helps to satisfy the global industry trends of CO2 efficiency, safety and automated driving,” said Manfred Meyer, senior vice president, ZF braking systems. “It helps deliver advanced safety in the form of rapid building of brake pressure for high dynamic demands such as automatic emergency braking. It will also support the gamut of brake vehicle control and stopping requirements for partially to fully automated driving functions.”

At the heart of the system is an actuator that is driven by a fast-acting motor capable of brake pressure builds that translate into an up to one G of vehicle deceleration in less than 150 milliseconds for significantly reduced stopping distances. This is particularly important when seeking to comply with the stringent new test protocols for Euro NCAP that simulate pedestrian and crossing bicyclists in urban environments.

IBC is a highly scalable solution that can support the brake system requirements from A segment cars through to SUVs, light trucks and light commercial vehicles.

Source: ZF

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