Rane Releases Brake Pad Set for WABCO Maxxus 2.0

Rane Brake Lining Ltd. (RBL), a prominent market leader in India and a significant global player in friction material, has officially announced the release of its aftermarket pad set for the WABCO Maxxus 2.0 caliper. This launch positions RBL at the forefront of the aftermarket segment, introducing a comprehensive and high-performing brake pad system specifically designed for heavy-duty braking in commercial vehicles.

Chris Janech, Director of Rane’s NA Brake Group, highlighted the company’s achievement, stating, “Not only are we first to market in the aftermarket segment, but Rane has created a full-featured and high performing brake pad system for heavy duty braking in the commercial vehicle segment”.

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The new WABCO Maxxus 2.0 brake pad system from Rane incorporates several innovative features and benefits, ensuring superior performance. These include:

  • High performance, copper-free friction material, tailored for elevated temperature profiles, ensuring enhanced durability.
  • A precision investment cast inboard backplate, uniquely designed to eliminate cast draft angles, contributing to stability and consistency.
  • An industry-leading backplate flatness, guaranteeing maximum pad-to-rotor contact for optimal braking efficiency.
  • The inclusion of a V-Groove, aimed at maximizing outgassing, heat dissipation, and improving fade and recovery performance.
  • A burnish compound that significantly improves brake performance by over 30% compared to non-burnished pads.
  • Precision-engineered hardware to assist in achieving maximum pad-to-rotor contact, resulting in improved braking.

Rane Brake Lining Limited, a part of the Rane Group (https://ranegroup.com/), is headquartered in Chennai, India. The company is a leading auto component group manufacturing an array of products including Steering and Suspension systems, Friction materials, Valve train components, Occupant safety systems, and Light Metal casting components. Catering to diverse industry segments such as Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Farm Tractors, Two-wheelers, Three-wheelers, Railways, and Stationery Engines, Rane’s products are distributed in over 30 countries. The Rane Group maintains offices in Novi, MI, and Charlotte, NC.

For additional details, interested parties are encouraged to contact Anitha N. ([email protected]) or Chris Janech ([email protected]).


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