Rail Brake Systems a Key to Cost Controls

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PITTSBURGH, Penn. – Innovative rail brake systems are key to cost control and reduction. They must be smarter and lighter, cutting total cost of ownership, while at the same time improving energy efficiency. To enhance network resilience and drastically reduce maintenance costs, adhesion solutions are also a crucial factor. Finally, advanced friction materials need to combine sustainability and durability with lowered operational costs.

Fully committed to this platform approach, Wabtec offers train builder customers a range of brake products that help them meet each operator’s specific requirements. And we can achieve this without the need for major changes that would endanger a train’s design and certification.

From the George Westinghouse distributor valve to the SAB slack adjuster and BFC tread brake, Wabtec builds on more than 150 years of train brake expertise in its continuous effort to introduce innovative braking solutions. Today, the company has redoubled its focus on the areas of product validation and certification to address brakes’ three main subsystems.

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Brake control: a real opportunity to differentiate

Wheel/rail adhesion remains a critical challenge. Wabtec’s adaptive wheel slide protection is a game-changer that brings unrivaled performance, improving stopping distance in degraded adhesion conditions by up to 35 percent compared to previous generations. In very low adhesion, the new algorithm greatly reduces the risk of wheel damage, thus limiting maintenance cost and improving train availability.

Alongside these advantages, Wabtec’s wheel slide protection also enables manufacturers to eliminate the need to spend several weeks setting the first trains. This is because the wheel slide protection does not require a commissioning campaign to adjust to the train. It works perfectly from the wheel’s very first turns. This advanced, adaptive wheel slide protection can be installed in any of our brake control solutions, whether new or installed base.

Regioflexx: resolving brake dilemmas

As platform manager, you expect the brake system to resolve your usual competitiveness vs customization / modularity dilemma. Understanding this crucial question, Wabtec has developed a system that enables us to fully cover your needs.

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The breakthrough, versatile Regioflexx integrated brake control system offers car builders a variety of built-in solutions geared to streamline their projects, thus reducing associated time and costs. On the back end, these simplifications, together with advanced materials, enable MTBO to be extended up to 15 years.

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