Icer Expands LMD Brake Pad Range

ICER Brakes is enhancing its portfolio of long-life brake pads designed specifically for Last Mile Delivery (LMD) vehicles, signaling a significant leap in delivery vehicle maintenance efficiency and environmental sustainability. This expansion underscores ICER’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive aftermarket industry, offering a range that not only lasts substantially longer than traditional brake pads but also supports the growing demands of eco-friendly delivery solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Extended Lifespan: ICER’s LMD brake pads boast a 40% to 75% longer lifespan than standard brake pads due to a unique friction material formulation.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: These pads are low emission, copper-free, and designed to minimize environmental impact.
  • Expanded Range: The LMD line now includes 11 additional references, enhancing market coverage and vehicle compatibility.
  • Established Excellence: With a history dating back to 1961, ICER Brakes is a leading name in the European friction material market, dedicated to quality and innovation.

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ICER’s LMD brake pads are a testament to the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce maintenance demands for delivery vehicles, a critical factor for businesses aiming to optimize operational efficiency and reduce downtime. These brake pads not only lessen the frequency of replacements due to their durable composition but also contribute to a greener planet with their environmentally conscious design.

Originally launching with 18 references, the inclusion of 11 new options broadens the appeal and applicability of ICER’s offerings, ensuring a more comprehensive fit for a variety of vehicle models. This expansion is part of ICER Brakes’ larger vision to dominate the market by providing superior alternatives to traditional brake solutions, emphasizing the company’s commitment to quality, service, and environmental stewardship.

Operating out of Pamplona and Tudela in Spain, ICER Brakes has cemented its reputation as a global leader in the production of friction materials, servicing over 70 countries and producing more than 22 million units annually. This scale and reach affirm ICER’s role as a pivotal player in driving forward more efficient and sustainable braking solutions for the modern world.

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