ConMet’s Expanded Aftermarket Hub Lineup

ConMet, a global leader in providing parts and components for commercial trucks and trailers, announced the expansion of their PreSet® hub range in the aftermarket sector. This significant move aims to extend the benefits of their pre-assembled wheel hub technology to a broader range of fleets, emphasizing reduced service time and simplified maintenance.

Key Enhancements in Medium-Duty Hubs

The inclusion of medium-duty applications in ConMet’s aftermarket portfolio offers substantial advantages to customers. These PreSet hubs incorporate advanced technologies, including pre-adjusted ConMet bearings and premium wheel seals, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

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A major advantage of adopting ConMet PreSet hubs is the remarkable time efficiency they offer. Compared to traditional hub rebuilding, replacing with a PreSet hub can significantly cut down hours of service time, enabling quicker vehicle return to the road and minimizing operational interruptions.

Extended Warranty and Support

Additionally, ConMet has extended its industry-leading warranty and support to certain medium-duty vehicles, previously available primarily to commercial vehicles. This includes a three-year/350,000-mile warranty, backed by ConMet’s dedicated sales and service team, ensuring customer confidence in product quality and reliability.

Medium- and heavy-duty customers have enjoyed the reduction in service complexity and time savings PreSet and PreSet Plus® hubs provide,” said Brian Rieger, VP of North America Sales for ConMet. “Due to the increase in customer demand, we’re expanding our line of aftermarket PreSet hubs for medium-duty axle configurations beyond FF front and R drive to include FC front, F drive, L drive, and 190 drive.

Showcasing at HDAW 2024

In response to the growing complexity of commercial vehicle service, ConMet continues to innovate, focusing on time and cost-saving solutions. The expanded PreSet hub offerings for medium-duty applications are a testament to this commitment.

These new products are being showcased at the Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) trade show in Grapevine, Texas, running from January 22-25. Attendees can view a medium-duty hub at ConMet’s booth, #1623.

More Information and ConMet’s Legacy

For detailed information on the medium-duty PreSet hubs and other aftermarket offerings, visitors can refer to the medium-duty brochure or ConMet’s website.

Established in 1964, ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a key supplier in the commercial vehicle industry. Known for innovative technologies and products, the company has been instrumental in shaping advancements in trucks and trailers, maintaining a significant presence in North America and expanding globally.

With a focus on developing efficient and transformative technologies, ConMet is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of their customers, ensuring their vehicles are run and maintained with the utmost efficiency and reliability.


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