Bremskerl Registers “Color Green” Related to Pads

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Source: Bremskerl announcement

BARTLETT, Ill. — Bremskerl North America, Inc., a leading friction material manufacturer, announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued registration for the company’s “Color Green as applied to the surface of brake pads for vehicles” (Reg. No 6,280,107).

“Being a leading supplier of premium friction materials, we felt it was a priority to continue to invest in our Intellectual Property,” said Michael Konrad, Sales & Marketing Manager. “We are excited at the Patent Office’s decision to award us with this highly valuable trademark after multiple years of defending our right to the green colored brake pads that our fleet customers have come to know signify a genuine Bremskerl product.”

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About Bremskerl – Friction lining manufacturer since 1929

Bremskerl-Reibbelagwerke Emmerling GmbH & Co. KG is a family owned globally active SME with its headquarters in Estorf-Leeseringen, near Nienburg an der Weser, Germany. With 350 employees globally, 300 of whom work in Germany, the company develops and manufactures brake and clutch linings for rail vehicles, industrial applications and commercial vehicles.

Together with its worldwide subsidiaries in North America, Great Britain, China and India it is internationally known. Rapid and direct contact to our clientele is particularly important to us here.

In Bremskerl’s modern research facilities and laboratory centers it continuously develop new materials for its customers´ special requirements. It is our know-how and the flexibility and great willingness of the workforce that has made it successful for more than 80 years as experts for friction lining technology.

With the most modern automated production facilities Bremskerl produces a variety of different, state-of-the-art brake and clutch lining variants, which are aligned with regard to shape, size, geometry and dimensions to the individual requirements of our customers.

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In addition, the company invests continuously in new, modern, efficient systems and machines in order to be able to manufacture brake and clutch linings of the highest quality in future as well with the latest manufacturing technologies.

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