BrakeLine – January 2024

BrakeLine: A new digital magazine covering all things braking

In this inaugural edition, BrakeLine will look at solving the challenges of designing braking systems for the venerable Ford F-Series. America’s best-selling vehicle for the past 41 years, the F-Series offers everything from a fully electric Lightning to the F-650 foundation for some very robust work trucks. Ford’s head of global braking technology Hal Felch will help answer the question How do you stop the F-150?

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We also asked former World Champion driver Jack Beckman, who has taught the intricacies of piloting some of the fastest motor vehicles on the planet, as well as driving everything up to the 330 mile-per-hour nitro-burning Funny Car, what role does friction brakes play in a cars like these? Anyone who has seen a Funny Car cover 1,000-feet in less than four seconds can recall the parachute deploying at the end of the course to slow it down, but these cars also have friction brakes and Jack let us in on their use.

Speaking of answering questions, BrakeLine queried a number of the world’s leading brake builders to find out what they thought about the future of the aftermarket brake business. Despite the vast changes in the auto industry’s brake designs, including electrification and longer-life components, real opportunities still exist for those who want to compete.

Just a brief view of what you can find as you move through issue one of BrakeLine; we hope you enjoy Hagman Media Group’s next step to presenting timely, interesting information about this corner of the automotive universe.

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