Brake Booster Recall Hits Mercedes

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Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC has initiated a recall of certain models from the 2006-2012 lineup, including ML, GL, and R-Class vehicles, due to a serious issue that might impair braking performance. This recall concerns an estimated 15,604 vehicles which could have brake booster corrosion because of moisture exposure, potentially leading to reduced brake effectiveness or failure.

Key Highlights:

  • Recall Scope: Affects 2006-2012 ML, GL, and R-Class vehicles.
  • Safety Risk: Corrosion may cause increased stopping distance or brake failure.
  • Remedy: Inspection and possible replacement of the brake booster, free of charge.
  • Owner Notification: Starts May 17, 2024.
  • Contact Information: MBUSA customer service at 1-800-367-6372.

The defect arises from moisture that can accumulate under a rubber sleeve around the brake booster, leading to corrosion. This issue could increase the force required to depress the brake pedal or, in extreme cases, result in a complete disconnection of the brake pedal from the braking system. Despite the severity of potential outcomes, the foot parking brake function remains unaffected.

Mercedes-Benz dealers are instructed to remove the rubber sleeve from the brake boosters, conduct inspections, and replace the corroded units as necessary. Vehicle owners are strongly advised against driving their vehicles until the necessary safety inspections and repairs are completed.

In response to this issue, MBUSA has stated, “Owners may notice a change in the brake pedal feel and/or hear hissing/airflow noises which could indicate impending brake problems.” Immediate contact with a dealer is recommended should these symptoms arise.

For vehicles showing advanced corrosion, a complete brake booster replacement will be carried out at no cost to the owner. MBUSA is also ensuring alternate mobility solutions for affected owners if immediate repairs are not feasible.

This recall is an expansion of a previous campaign, indicating ongoing efforts by MBUSA to address safety concerns over time effectively. The company has pledged to handle all service repairs through their authorized dealerships and has already started sending out owner notification letters from May 17, 2024. Owners can also reach out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline for more information.

Further Actions: MBUSA will continue monitoring the situation and will provide additional updates as necessary. Owners affected by this recall should expect direct communication regarding the specific steps for remedy and support available to them.

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