ARTSA-I Introduces Heavy Vehicle Braking Tool

ARTSA-I has unveiled an advanced Braking Calculator, aimed at enhancing the assessment and improvement of braking performance in heavy multi-vehicle combinations. This tool marks a significant advancement for professionals in the vehicle industry, including technicians, engineers, and regulators.

Why It Matters

The introduction of this Braking Calculator is a strategic development in the heavy vehicle sector. It offers a user-friendly, beta-version platform for accredited individuals to design and evaluate heavy vehicle brake systems. This initiative is not just a technological leap but also an educational opportunity, ensuring that those involved in the operational safety of heavy vehicles can maintain and develop braking systems in line with the latest industry standards.

Key Points

  • User Accessibility: The Braking Calculator is accessible for accredited users who have completed a specialized training program provided by ARTSA-i.
  • Comprehensive Training: Two half-day web-based training sessions are required to gain access, ensuring that users are well-versed in the complexities of heavy vehicle brake design.
  • Feedback Integration: A feedback feature is included, inviting users to contribute to the calculator’s ongoing improvement.
  • Industry Leadership: ARTSA-i, known for its independent research and data analysis in the heavy vehicle transport sector, is at the forefront of developing and informing future industry policies.
  • Educational Advantage: The training offers in-depth insights into heavy vehicle braking systems, beneficial for professionals engaged in maintenance, development, and regulation.
  • Registration: Interested parties can register for the course at ARTSA’s website.

Bottom Line

The ARTSA Institute’s innovative Braking Calculator is a testament to the organization’s commitment to safety and excellence in the heavy vehicle industry. By merging technology with specialized training, ARTSA-i empowers professionals to ensure safer heavy vehicle combinations on the roads. The tool’s beta version is now available for accredited users, setting a new standard for braking system design and assessment. For more information and course registration, visit


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