Wind to Provide ALL of Meneta’s Energy

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ODENSE, Denmark – Meneta, producer of original-equipment brake parts and gasket material, which has pledged to pursue a carbon-neutral position, now receives 100 percent of the electrical needs of its Danish facilities from the wind.

Four of the Group’s operations in Denmark – three plants and one administrative facility—recently converted to electricity provided by a wind farm owned by Energi Fyn on the isle of Funen, approximately 20 kilometers from the Meneta locations.

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The contract goes through 2022 and if there are no issues, it will be extended, according to Kim Ostergaard, Meneta chief-executive officer.

“If we don’t experience any power-supply issues – as our production plants rely on a flawless energy supply – we will most definitely prolong the agreement,” he said.

There was no change in operations for the facilities due to the new energy source.

“The same power lines into our premises are being used – just a shift in power source, but an important one for Meneta’s green journey,” Ostergaard said. “The contract means a reduction in CO2 emission corresponding to 186,000 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled.”

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About Meneta

Meneta was established in 1953 and is today one of the world leading manufacturers of anti- noise shims and back plates with wholly owned production plants and testing facilities in Denmark, U.S., Germany, China and India

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