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Wilwood Announces New DynaPro Narrow Off-Road Caliper

Camarillo, CA • December 2018

Wilwood’s new DynaPro Narrow (DPN) profile off-road calipers provide a high-tech, high-strength, high-efficiency solution for SCORE Class 10 or 12 front race kits and other purpose-built vehicles when space is limited between the wheels and suspension elements.

The DPN features a slimmed down forged aluminum body with an additional .540” space over the standard width DynaPro calipers. Every caliper, including the optional powder coated models, is treated to a Type III Mil-Spec hard anodizing finish. This in-house process provides a hardened wear surface in the bores for the stainless steel pistons, with high-abrasion and corrosion resistance throughout. The five-bolt-bridge design provides easy access to the pads with added strength against deflection.MSRP starts at $262.50.

Source: Wilwood

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