Warner Brake Offers Pluses for EV Manufacturers

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SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. – From cars to off-highway and autonomous industrial vehicles, electrification is the future. To achieve electrification, original-equipment manufacturers (OEM) are required to design new vehicle platforms to accommodate dual drivetrains.

This process of development is driving popularity for optimized power transmission components which help to reduce weight and extend range.

Responding to this requirement, Warner Electric has introduced the CBTB, which is a high dissipating electromagnetic brake. An innovative solution, the CBTB overcomes the limitations of wet braking systems in electrified vehicles.

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In an electric vehicle, a dual drivetrain system incorporates both combustion and electric powertrains. For off-highway vehicles, this dual drivetrain must be accommodated within the vehicle platform. This must be achieved without adverse effects on the size of the vehicle: its operation or ground clearance for example. The issue is that dual drivetrain systems are inherently heavier, which makes accommodating them within a vehicle design efficiently a challenge. If not overcome, the vehicle will become too large and heavy to capitalize on efficiency potential gains – reducing overall range and usefulness.

Choosing optimized components within a vehicle design can help. For key powertrain assemblies such as brakes however, there are few alternatives. Bringing an inherently heavy dual drivetrain vehicle to a stop converts large amounts of energy to heat, which must be dissipated by the brake to ensure continued stopping power. A high dissipating brake is a must.

Traditionally, vehicle OEMs would turn to a wet multi-disc brake with hydraulic actuation to provide the required dissipation and performance. Wet multi-disc braking systems are not ideal for dual drivetrain electric vehicles. First, two different brakes are required to service each drivetrain, which adds weight. Supporting hydraulic lines also present a risk in terms of oil leaks from the system. In terms of reducing weight in these vehicles, a more streamlined solution is preferable.

Knowledgeable in electromagnetic brakes, Warner Electric, a brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., has tackled the limitations of wet multi-disc braking systems head on with the CBTB. This compact double-disc electromagnetic brake is dry, eliminating hydraulics altogether. Designed to provide high heat dissipation and braking torque – the CBTB provides the winning combination of high performance and a narrow footprint.

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