Wagner® Reminds Drivers to Have Their Brakes Checked

Source: Wagner Brake

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Did you experience a summer full of rough weather and difficult driving conditions?  Even the most routine driving situations will take a toll on vehicles, so now is the time to make sure that your car is road-worthy for the changing weather conditions that lie ahead.  October is Fall Car Care Month, and Wagner® Brake wants drivers to be educated about the importance of maintaining all aspects of their vehicle’s braking systems.

The hot and harsh driving conditions that were seen in many areas of the country during the summer months can cause major damage to a vehicle’s brake pads and rotors.  If a car begins to experience reduced stopping power or excess noise coming from the brake or rotor, or if the brake pedal feels low or spongy, it may be time for a brake inspection and possible repair.  Wagner offers a comprehensive set of braking solutions designed for the demands of your vehicle, to get you back on the road quickly and safely. 

Featuring a wide range of brake pads, from its innovative Wagner OEX product line offering premium braking performance, to its Wagner QS™ line, compatible with 99% of vehicles in operation, Wagner products are engineered for peak braking performance.  Wagner OEX, for example, offers better corrosion resistance and fitment over paint and powder coatings, which increases pad life and aids in noise-reduction.  Other products are specifically engineered to decrease vibration and increase performance.  All formulations are either low copper or meet 2025 requirements for zero copper.

Wagner also offers premium replacement brake rotors featuring E-Shield® protective coating technology, designed to help prevent corrosion.  E-Shield rotors have patented, application-specific vane configurations, providing superior cooling for exceptional braking performance and reduced noise, vibration and harshness.  

“Braking components are one of the most important safety systems on a vehicle, and neglecting them can lead to hazardous situations and tenuous driving conditions,” said Nicholas Thomas, product manager, Braking.  “As temperatures fall and the chance of inclement weather increases, consumers should have their braking systems checked for any damage or potential stopping issues before it jeopardizes vehicle integrity and passenger safety.  Wagner is here to help; we offer a wide-range of premium brake pads and rotors to assist customers in getting quality braking performance from their cars.”

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