WABCO Launches Industry’s First Global Modular Braking Platform for Trailers at IAA Commercial Vehicle

BRUSSELS, Belgium, September 13, 2018 – WABCO Holdings Inc., the leading global supplier of braking control systems and other advanced technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, today announced that, among a range of new trailer technologies on show, it will launch the industry’s first global modular braking platform covering all types of trailers at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018. This latest breakthrough in trailer braking systems design furthers WABCO’s worldwide leadership in intelligent trailer technologies by offering trailer builders and commercial fleets the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of safety and efficiency functions specifically for trailers.

Participating at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, WABCO will showcase how its brand promise of “Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence” for trucks and trailers is delivering pioneering innovations and integrating critical vehicle control systems to equip original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and commercial fleets around the world with the advanced safety, efficiency and connectivity technologies necessary to support the industry’s migration towards fully-autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, one of the industry’s largest and most worldwide trade shows, will be held in Hanover, Germany from September 20 to 27.

“WABCO is mobilizing vehicle intelligence for trailers as much as for trucks, enabling these vehicles to perform more safely and efficiently at every point in the transportation ecosystem,” said Nick Rens, WABCO President, Trailer Systems, Aftermarket, Digital Services and Off Highway Division. “Today, WABCO is differentiated in our global industry through our innovation of intelligent trailer technologies alongside supplying more than nine million trailer ABS and EBS systems currently in the market world-wide.”

“At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, we will continue to demonstrate the differentiation that WABCO’s technology brings to the trailer sector by presenting our industry’s first global intelligent braking platform. Its modularity can offer trailer manufacturers the full benefit of a new generation of trailer iABS™ and iEBS™ functionalities alongside new levels of flexibility in their choice of braking system. This innovative platform also offers a gateway to more advanced levels of functionality, including WABCO’s award-winning Intelligent Trailer Program,” added Rens.

Addressing the increasing demand for technologies that will contribute to green transportation solutions, WABCO will also unveil its eTrailer-prototype at IAA 2018. Representing the commercial vehicle industry’s first fully-electric concept for the truck and trailer control that holistically integrates braking, traction and advanced driver assistance systems, it significantly reduces CO2 emissions with the potential to generate fuel savings up to 20 percent on short-haul journeys and up to 10 percent for long-haul use.

At IAA 2018, WABCO will also showcase how it connects and empowers the world of trailer fleets through new fleet management systems (FMS) applications. Harnessing the power of mobile devices, wireless communications and cloud-based applications, WABCO is uniquely able to capture onboard-systems information from the trailer, as well as truck and driver, to enable further intelligent use of the data to support business and real-time operating decisions.

“By integrating WABCO’s rich portfolio of trailer-specific technologies and our suite of industry-leading fleet management solutions, WABCO is able to connect commercial trailers directly to ‘the internet of things’,” said Rens. “This real-time access to information on the cargo, trailer health and vehicle location can help drivers, fleet managers and cargo owners to operate with greater safety, security and productivity.”

At IAA 2018, WABCO will unveil a number of innovations for trailer original equipment manufacturers and fleets such as:

WABCO Global Intelligent Braking Platform for Trailers – The industry’s first global intelligent braking platform for trailers. It provides the foundation for WABCO’s new generation Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (iABS™) and Electronic Braking System (iEBS™). It also features simplified interchange between iABS and iEBS, enhances trailer system functionality and supports the globalization strategies of trailer manufacturers due to increased standardization and modularity.

WABCO iABS™ – New generation of global anti-lock braking system (ABS) for all trailer types, which was recently launched in North America. WABCO iABS offers a more integrated and simplified design, as well as increased functionality to enhance the safety and efficiency of trailers. It succeeds WABCO’s industry-first, market-leading Trailer ABS, which currently has an installed base of more than 6.5 million systems worldwide.

WABCO iEBS™ – New generation of global electronic braking system (EBS) for all trailer types. WABCO’s Trailer iEBS offers simplified installation, full integration of tire pressure monitoring and rear blind spot monitoring as well as functional scalability. It succeeds WABCO’s market-leading Trailer EBS E and helps to further protect against rollover, skidding and jack-knifing. WABCO is the global market leader for trailer braking systems with more than 2.5 million Trailer EBS systems currently in the market. The new generation Trailer EBS comes with three variants (Basic, Standard, Premium) and offers a specific version for the BRIC regions offering Roll Stability Support (RSS) to steel suspended trailers.

WABCO Park Release Valve – Part of WABCO’s new iEBS for trailers. Innovatively designed and easy to use, it is the first solution in the market with a unique single-button operation to control the park brake.

WABCO Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP) – Award-winning suite of trailer technologies. ITP integrates with the trailer’s braking system and offers more than 40 onboard trailer functions to help trailer builders, fleet operators and cargo owners to reduce transportation costs, save fuel and increase driver safety and comfort.

WABCO CargoCam™ – WABCO’s first intelligent cargo solution. A camera mounted inside the trailer uses image processing to monitor changes in the trailer cargo space. Operated via mobile app or web service, CargoCam can connect intelligently to cloud-based solutions and deliver real-time reports on occupancy, unsecured cargo, damages, and loading times.

WABCO TX-TRAILERPULSE™ – An innovative, cost-efficient trailer-specific telematics solution that combines real-time track and trace functionality with additional trailer health and diagnostic information. Complementing WABCO’s comprehensive trailer fleet management solutions TX-TRAILERPULSE can be easily installed as an OEM fitment or as a retrofit option. Enabling fleet operators as well as trailer leasing and rental companies to better track, safely maintain and manage their assets, TX-TRAILERPULSE provides core remote management capability without incurring the large capital investment of a high-end trailer telematics solution. Vehicles already equipped with WABCO’s advanced TX-SKY fleet management solution can also easily integrate TX-TRAILERPULSE into their existing back-office platform.


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