Friday, December 13

Valeo Introduces 360AEB Nearshield (Autonomous Emergency Braking)

Innovative technology to protect nearby pedestrians when vehicles perform low-speed maneuvers

Valeo has positioned itself at the cutting edge of change, and announced the world reveal of five major innovations at CES 2017 in Las Vegas including its new emergency braking technology.

Valeo 360AEB Nearshield delivers a 360-degree view around the vehicle thanks to a system of four miniature cameras and ultrasonic sensors fitted to the front and rear bumpers. Not only do the detectors alert the driver to any potential obstacles, they also, most importantly, bring the vehicle to an automatic halt to prevent impact. By “eliminating” blind spots, this technology is especially useful for large vehicles such as SUVs and pick-up trucks, particularly for reversing.

Valeo 360AEB Nearshield leverages standard onboard features, such as warning tones and backup cameras. Should the driver fail to respond to such warnings, the solution intervenes by applying the brakes. Special algorithms enable the system to detect both stationary and moving objects. In this way, Valeo’s innovation protects pedestrians, the vehicle and its occupants.

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