Upgrade Program by Bendix Delivers Safety Systems

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Source: Bendix announcement

ELYRIA, Ohio – Fleet access to the Bendix® Upgrade Program continues to increase as Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems expands its network of Authorized Upgrade Centers (AUC). The network consists of dealers and distributors that facilitate the installation of the company’s advanced safety systems on existing vehicles. The growing AUC network now includes locations in over a dozen states in the U.S.

The Bendix Upgrade Program – launched in 2017 – is a unique, first-of-its-kind program that enables professional installation of select Bendix advanced safety technologies to upgrade select vehicles that did not come factory-equipped.

Upgrades are specific to individual trucks and tractors, and include post-installation support and tracking. Only Bendix-certified AUC technicians have the required knowledge, training, and specialized tools and techniques to perform these advanced safety system upgrades.

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“We are committed to providing fleets with our driver-tested, leading-edge commercial vehicle safety technologies through an upgrade program, said David Schultz, Bendix director of aftermarket business development. “We’re now engaged in a selective, phased process of building our network of partners, which will result in Authorized Upgrade Centers strategically placed throughout North America.”

“Upgrading safety systems is highly technical work, and care must be taken to do it properly. Along with our deliberate approach to expanding our AUC network, we have in place a demanding training program specifically designed to certify technicians who already meet their company’s rigorous criteria. With upgrades expected to be completed in hours, the proper certification of installers is key to getting trucks back on the road the same day, with minimal disruption to fleet operations.”

Fleet Advantages

Through the Bendix® Upgrade Program, fleets can consider a select range of upgrades – including Bendix’s proven collision mitigation and warning systems. The Bendix website bendixcvsupgrade.com  is the starting point for fleets interested in finding out if their specific vehicles are eligible for an upgrade and which systems can be considered. The technology meets high quality standards, similar to when that system is installed at the factory.

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“Fleets face the constant challenge of keeping their vehicles equipped with the most advanced – and rapidly evolving – driver assistance technologies available,” said TJ Thomas, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions – Controls. “Replacing all your trucks overnight is not a practical option. The Bendix Upgrade Program, on the other hand, enhances a fleet’s safety by enabling the latest systems to be installed on vehicles not originally built with them. The safety systems help mitigate accidents and support driver coaching through video and data, while contributing to an improved, more consistent driver experience, vehicle to vehicle.”

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