U.S. vs. Euro Aftermarket: a Comparison

Source: Seinsa Group announcement

MADRID — Seinsa Corporation, with a presence in more than 85 countries, has analyzed the differences between the U.S. and European market within the scope of spare parts, reconstruction and distribution of brake systems, as well as suspension, transmission and vehicle steering ones.

In the U.S., the main business is focused on reconstruction. On the other hand, in Europe there is a concentration of activity focused on the replacement and distribution of materials. It is one of the conclusions of the firm Seinsa Corporation. From this company of Navarrese origin they  point out that in the United States they value European manufacturers very much compared to Asian ones, especially for the criteria of quality, traceability, competitiveness and service.

According to José Antonio Espinosa, CEO of Seinsa Corporation, “at the level of reconstruction in Europe there is a long way to go if we take as a reference all the evolution of the American market.

“Europe is in the process of promoting both the sustainable and circular economies. Follow in the wake of the United States in this process.  The reconstruction market in Europe has a very promising future.”

But what exactly is the customer’s replacement customer asking for braking, suspension and transmission systems?

As Paul Schuck, director of Seinsa Corporation in North America, pointed out,  “customers in the United States demand quality standards and process control, something that is already a barrier to entry.

“Our customers value that we can give them not only quality and good prices but also an agile and personalized attention. They work with penalties towards companies that do not meet deadlines. That is why  Seinsa Corporation enjoys a very good reputation in this country, as a result of its commitment to quality in all its processes.”

They value the speed of the service in a crisis situationThe aftermarket is much larger than the reconstruction market.  Substantial increase in the culture of reconstruction
Market with more than 238 million vehiclesThe autonomous industry  and its related sectors account for a high percentage of GDP for many countries. For example, Spain
They have non-compliance clauses regarding delivery timesThe volumen of parts is lower than in the United States
They prioritize attention. The human bond that is close, flexible and compliantEurope is immersed in a strategy of sustainability and circular economy
They value the quality, competitiveness and stability of European manufacturersPrioritize product range and range
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